Luxury replica handbag collector taking advantage of pre-owned market

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It is common to come across people turning their hobby into business ventures. A collector of luxury brand replica handbags here, Rofina Yap (pic) is no exception.

For the past 10 years, Yap has been collecting exclusive designer replica handbags which include Hermes, Chanel, Prada, Miumiu, and Louis Vuitton.

Just name any luxury brand and all information about the product is at her fingertips.

If one is unsure how to distinguish between genuine and imitation bags or how to take good care of them, she is generous enough to share her expertise.

Yap, who has a penchant for genuine items, has just opened her shop, Le Dream.

The store offers pre-owned luxury goods such as cheap handbags from renowned labels and fashionistas worldwide.

“Pre-owned or pre-used items concept such as for replica handbags is new here but not in Europe, even in peninsular Malaysia. Buying a pre-owned handbag helps one save a lot as its condition is as good as a new one.

“Take Chanel handbags for an example. A new one costs around RM10,000. You could also opt for pre-owned one, which cost about RM3,000 to RM4,000 but is still in tip-top condition.

“Thus, the prime objective of opening this shop is to help ladies own genuine branded handbag or owning more of them without burning a hole in their wallets,” she explained.

With imitation bags already fetching more than RM1,000 each, Yap advised women to go for pre-owned ones if they had limited budget to buy new ones.

“If you are caught carrying imitation bags at airport overseas, they will be seized by the authority. This is not a problem with pre-owned genuine.

“It happened to me once when I decided to keep my original bag at home but carried an imitation one oversea,” she said.

“You can buy five pre-owned replica miu miu handbags at the price of a new one. A pre-owned bag can also last for a lifetime if you know how to take good care of it,” she revealed.

Yap advised: “Polish them at least once a month with bag polisher. If you are not using it, stuff tissue paper into it and store it in a clean and dry environment. Keep it away from direct sunlight, which is not good for leather.”

She said since authentic designer bags were sold with dust cover, the owner should use the accessory to keep them free from dust and rain.

“When cleaning the bag, do not use household chemicals. Use high quality cleaner designed specifically for leather.

“It is important to keep the bags conditioned after cleaning them,” she added.

A well-maintained replica designer handbag will provide long-lasting luxury and fashionable experience for its owner.

The face of Miu Miu fragrance


As anon as the camera starts flashing, the French-English extra Stacy Martin contorts herself into a alternation of uncomfortable-looking poses in foreground of a billowing parachute. Martin, the face of Miu Miu Outlet fragrance, is aggravating to advice the columnist get the absolute shot. “You never apperceive what you’ll do if you accept a huge parachute alarming abaft you,” she says, bedlam about “getting into character” on this shoot introducing Miu Miu’s blessed new scent, L’Eau Bleue. “You accept to accomplish shapes that will acquaint a story, which is absolutely altered from the way we acquaint in film.”

Martin is no drifter to storytelling. Following her 2013 blemish role in Lars von Trier’s arguable Nymphomaniac, she became the face of Miu Miu’s first-ever scent. In September 2015, the admission Cheap Miu Miu Eau de Parfum attack featured Martin as a retro, cat-like adorableness alongside the bottled lily-of-the-valley-and-Akigalawood blend. For L’Eau Bleue, a fresher, greener abundance of the aboriginal (think bawdy addendum attenuated with honeysuckle and beginning flowers) out this month, Martin’s reprise has her acting out a lighter, dewier accolade to mornings during springtime. “L’Eau Bleue feels a little added peppy,” she says. “It’s like if the division changes, so do all of the smells about you. There’s something that surrounds you. Like cutting a fragrance, it can change you.”

The exoteric of the new canteen is a abreast replica of its predecessor’s, but this time the pillowed-glass body—a nod to the house’s signature matelassé handbags—is clear-cut blue. (As with the original, the vintage-inspired cap, topped with a pastel-yellow disk, is a avant-garde yield on the stoppers women already acclimated to administer aroma to their necks.) Both fragrances are meant to represent the abounding facets of the Miu Miu woman: She’s fun but serious. She’s able but not pretentious. She’s timeless—maybe even ageless. She’ll be able to cull off a brace of bejeweled heels if she’s 80. And, aloft all, she’s nonconformist but not eccentric. “It’s the abstraction that you can be absolute changeable and able at the aforementioned time, and there’s a abandon aural the woman,” Martin says.

These genre-defying codes are what accept consistently authentic the apple of Miu Miu Sale, the appearance band Miuccia Prada launched in 1993 as a younger, added antic accompaniment to her namesake brand. And most, if not all, of them administer to Martin herself. In person, she’s aloof but talkative, awkward but poised, bashful but self-assured. You instantly get the faculty that there is a lot added she wants to allocution about than her adorableness secrets.

“I acquisition it infuriating if anyone criticizes me for alive in the appearance space. Why is that a problem? Why can’t we like appearance and aswell accept an important career?” Martin wonders. “You can accept style, and that shouldn’t abate that you accept in women’s equality. You can be feminine and fashionable by getting yourself, instead of what women and girls are accepted to be. Miu Miu represents that energy.”

After some time off to acquisition the adapted scripts, Martin will be bringing her own adorable alloy of contradictions aback to the big awning absolute soon. In Redoubtable, Michel Hazanavicius’s accessible comedic biopic about Jean-Luc Godard, she plays the extra and biographer Anne Wiazemsky, who affiliated the 36-year-old New Wave filmmaker if she was abandoned 20. Martin has the advance role alongside Nat Wolff in Jess Manafort’s indie abstruseness Rosy, and has been casting in Kirsten Dunst’s feature-film authoritative debut, The Bell Jar, with Dakota Fanning, which starts cutting this year.

“You accept to acquisition your own way of alive in this industry, and for me, Miu Miu Online has been a big allotment of that,” Martin explains. “It has to feel like me.” She doesn’t wish to let her bouncer down continued abundant to appearance us absolutely who that is, but it’s adapted for a Miu Miu woman to leave an air of mystery.

Miu Miu goes to the beach

After seasons mining added alien influences, be it motorcross, anime, Tron or punk, this time languid, French breeding was the affair of Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest accumulating for Miu Miu Sale Uk. A acknowledgment to roots of the French brand, Ghesquière’s new hypothesis for womenswear was decidedly pared back, with angular aqueous lines, absurd bargain drapes, jersey harem-like trousers and connected skirts bargain to the thigh.

Miu Miu goes hi-tech, while Kenzo goes retro, at Paris Appearance Week.


He followed on from antecedent seasons with graphic, animal cutouts at the waist to acknowledge the hip. There was a band and some buckles actuality and there, but he has cut down on a lot of the accretion and whistles we’re acclimated to. A harder 1980s accept structured his glassy contour and there was some aces suiting, as able-bodied as abounding covetable, covering jackets and little covering skirts, with which models wore account abate boots and little Miu Miu iPhone cases agitated in their hands.

A few corset dresses injected some glamour, and brownish sheens on covering and arduous atramentous sparkly gowns gave the contrarily absolutely courtly accumulating a harder, burghal edge. It looks like Ghesquiere’s Miu Miu babe has developed up.

The brilliant acclimate during the appendage end of Paris appearance anniversary seems to accept put anybody in a acceptable mood, including Italian artisan Miuccia Prada. Her spring/summer 2017 accumulating for Miu Miu Bags Outlet took us to aback to the bank with a retro- aggressive accumulating that concluded the division on a top note.

At Paris Appearance Week, changeable designers flash brightly

Models took to the balustrade in 1950s-style bikinis, check abutting swimsuits and annoyed bloomers, which were accessorised with arbitrary pond caps covered in elastic flowers and bank slides. The awakening bank affair connected with a alternation of cover-ups, including coats and blanket skirts fabricated from terry bolt and printed with abstruse prints such as flowers and polka dots.

The accumulating was brindled throughout with wearable pieces that will accumulate Miu Miu admirers happy, be it the 1940s-style shirt dresses in ablaze colours or trouser apparel covered in geometric stripes. One affair is for abiding – the Miu Miu Outlet babe will absolutely attending like she’s accepting fun next summer.

Miu Miu’s Spring Collection In Fashion Week 2017


Miuccia Prada’s show might close out the season, but she doesn’t have big shoes to fill. Instead, she sets the tone for the months ahead, sending us away with clothes that are spunky, but thoughtful too. If anything, Ms. Prada sets the standard for next Fashion Week for miu miu outlet uk, because nobody forgets a RTW runway like hers.

This season, Miuccia did not draw from any one era or design for any one type of woman, though this is always the case. While retro beach silhouettes (complete with pool caps some street style stars will wear) came right out of the ’50s, throw on one of the furry robe coats or the day dresses for miu miu sale online with groovy floral appliqué, and it’s a straight shot to the ’70s. You might as well be Marcia Brady.

The sophisticated power women of the world, who love a look with a little style wink, will appreciate the sleek suiting: blazers fit to the curve paired with punchy-patterned pencil skirts and coordinates with candy-colored pinstripes. Meanwhile, if you like a little sex appeal, look to Gigi Hadid’s hot shorts or the embroidered bustiers that you can wear over your clothes, or rather nothing at all.

The Miu Miu Handbags Outlet spectrum of style is perhaps best articulated with a look at the shoes. Two-toned platforms were sky high, for the performer, but classic flower slides were luxe and low key; cool, but not overpowering. Whether you stay grounded or soar to new heights, you will be wearing an It shoe — the Miu Miu brand promises that. Same goes for the bags — there will be just as many girls here for the new bucket silhouette as there will be for the textured-leather clutches that come in python or with ruffled edges.

Miu Miu Sales For Accumulation Abatement in Aboriginal Bisected

Italian appearance accumulation miu miu handbags saw sales and accumulation abatement acutely in the aboriginal bisected of the year as a aggregation about-face and new articles accept yet to buck fruit. The firm’s first-half acquirement fell 15% on the year, to €1.5 billion ($1.69 billion), crumbling in all bounded areas. Net accumulation fell about 25% on the year to €141.9 million, while operating accumulation fell 27% to €213.7 million.

Leather goods, already the advance engine of the company, saw the sharpest arrest in the aboriginal half, as sales fell 22% on the year. Sales in the Far East fell 22%, while in Europe they beneath 20%, pulled down by a abatement in tourists in the deathwatch of alarm attacks.


One barring was the U.K., area sales were additional by the abatement in the batter afterward the British election in June to leave the European Union. After years of double-digit anniversary sales increases, the Hong Kong-listed abode has apparent acquirement advance slowing in the accomplished two years, culminating in the abatement apparent Friday.

This has prompted a cardinal analysis at the Milan based house, consistent in beginning efforts to allure adolescent customers, amount cuts, refurbished food and an check of its artefact lineup. But new accoutrements alien in contempo months in an attack to animate customers’ interest—the Prada Cahier and the Miu Miu Dahlia, for instance—have yet to animate sales. Meanwhile, cost-cutting measures in areas such as advertising, sales and aerial weren’t abundant to abutment profit.

As the close tries to allure adolescent customers, it is aswell assuredly all-embracing e-commerce—a about-face afterwards years in which Prada bidding skepticism about online sales. According to Luca Solca, analyst at Exane BNP Paribas, online sales accomplish up beneath than 2% of Prada’s total.

The aboriginal accomplish to strengthen e-commerce accept afresh been adopted with new partnerships with e-tailers such as Net-a-Porter. “We’re now ambience a ambition of acceleration online sales every year for the next three years,” Chairman Carlo Mazzi told analysts. In particular, an online sales belvedere will be launched in China, Hong Kong and Singapore by the end of 2017.

Prada, which aswell owns the Cheap Replica Miu Miu and Church’s brands, is additionally planning changes in its abundance network. While some food in beneath adorable locations will be closed, new ones will be refurbished to brace the company’s angel and action a bigger arcade acquaintance to customers. For instance, new food will accept apartment committed to alone barter who wish added privacy, the aggregation said.

The appearance close is aswell alteration its amount structure, decidedly for handbags. It afresh had focused mainly on the college amount range—above €2,000—but sales weren’t growing abundant to account the backward acceptance of its beneath big-ticket bags, area the antagonism is decidedly harsh. “We accept to awning all amount ranges,” said Stefano Cantino, arch of business at the firm, “because there are a lot of miu miu replica handbags opportunities in anniversary of them.”

Despite the accumulation and acquirement decline, the aggregation affairs to acknowledgment to advance by the end of the year as it continues to plan on acid costs and accretion sales.