Here are your top picks for next division for affected affluence brands handbags

Who wouldn’t wish to authority the “it” bag this season. The choices are abounding and the styles plenty. So how can you accept the appropriate bag that fits you and your affairs the best? Here’s how to apperceive what bag describes your personality the a lot of and meets your needs and wants.

The Cross-Body: Designed to be beat on one ancillary of the body, the cross-body bag is so able it can be calmly agitated from day to night.

Miu Miu Outlet: “The new Miu Miu atramentous covering Club bag is crafted from matelassé-quilted covering to an animated finish. It’s animated with metallic-silver accouterments and has a alternation cross-body band that can be angled and beat over the arm in the evening. Use the leather-encased mirror central to blow up your lipstick during events.”

Givenchy: “Sculptural contour and aciculate data altogether bang in Givenchy’s atramentous bland covering Bow Cut bag. It comes in a bunched admeasurement with a absolutely shaped foreground flap, and is alternate with glossy silver-tone hardware. Attach the alternation band and abrasion it beyond the physique of appropriately glassy atramentous looks.”

Saint Laurent: “Saint Laurent’s chocolate-brown suede Eddie replica handbag illustrates the awakening access of the Pre-AW16 collection. It has a accurate attache appearance with a bunched interior, and is absolute at the foreground with the label’s new serpent monogram. Abrasion it beyond the physique to accompaniment a folksy-patterned midi dress.” For those who accept a lot of things to haversack in their bag and feel like their accomplished activity could fit in it, the tote bag is a abundant choice. Actuality are some of the best labels and designs this season.

Balenciaga: With arresting crocodile covering and signature gold-tone metal accouterments and studs, this bag is absolute for the alive week.

Max Mara: Max Mara Jbag in crocodile-print nappa covering with individual handle and advertisement two-tone band will drag your attending and enhance a glassy silhouette. This bag will add burning clarification to an accustomed look.

Issey Miyake-BAO BAO Bag: For a trendier affected look, the Bao Bao Issey Miyake’s Prism Platinum-1 will instantly acreage you composure and win you attraction. It’s architectural shape, metallic-blue hue and signature triangular PVC high-shine panels will absolutely bolt the eye. Abrasion it with atramentous ready-to-wear , white, blah or even blush block cloth.

Fendi Outlet: Fendi ‘Monster’ haversack is the ultimate aggregate of beautiful and sassy. Abrasion it commonly with both straps over a brace of jeans or even a beautiful A-Line brim or a continued dress.

Givenchy fake bags

2016 Newest Prada Galleria Bag and Double Bag and New Shoulder Straps(part 2)

Every season, Prada reintroduces this bag in a variety of colors and styles based on that season’s theme. This allows countless options and reinterpretations, which makes this bag a classic, iconic wardrobe staple.

Introduced in 2013, the Prada Double Bag quickly became a favorite. Much like the Galleria Bag, the Double is reinterpreted every season in colors and fabrications based on the style of the season.


These are literally stunning!!!! Love the fact that you can add something funky to your classic bag. I always love patterned bags, but am usually afraid to spend such a large amount of money on something I might get tired of. For some reason this I can justify, because it gives the bags two different looks.

While the Galleria Bag offers a bit more structure, especially because of the full body pockets on the front and back of the bag, the Double is more minimal and lightweight. The Saffiano leather on the exterior is paired with smooth Nappa leather inside, and Prada has made the potential color combinations one of the most fun aspects of the design. While many Double Bags do offer tone-on-tone leathers on the exterior and interior, there are plenty of contrasting combinations that blend the inside and out in an unexpected way. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this bag, and I love seeing what Prada comes up with to make each design stand out a bit more than the last.

The Double Bag offers an internal divider with a flap pocket, which allows for easier organization and helps separate the bag into two main interior compartments. I love this design; the divider peeks out when you’re carrying the bag, and if you have a contrasting interior color, you can see it pop. Straps–another copycat item. Nevertheless, it’s great marketing. I can’t see buying, though, given the typical $1K price tag. I love Prada, though, and own too many bags (e.g., 2 nylon messenger, 2 Galleria and others). It’s hard to resist Prada.

I’m really excited we get to be among the first to break the news of the new Prada Shoulder Straps. Though both of the above bags offer optional shoulder straps in matching Saffiano leather, the brand now offers a way to customize your bag and show your personality with a shoulder strap that speaks to you and stands apart from the rest of the bag.


While the Galleria and Double Bags have their similarities that make them both unmistakably Prada, there are differences that could easily make one or the other better for your life. If you’re trying to decide between the two, I’m happy to help point you in the right direction in the comments below!This post was perfect! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of those straps! Will you let us know when they’re available to purchase online please? I’m so afraid they’ll sell out and I’ll miss it. Thank you for such a great post!

I have a complete love / hate relationship with Prada. I love the bags I own. I mean LOVE! And the quality of my bags are outstanding (I hear others have issues but mine are the sturdiest bags I own.)

But, I hate the lack of innovation and excitement. Any time die hard fans can’t tell the difference in your models (double zip v galleria m… Huh?) it’s not innovation or range. These bags are more of the same and a gaudy Fendi mimicking strap line isn’t the solution.

Prada has got to get out of the saffiano rut they are in. Keep some saffy bags but innovate, pleeeease. And the inside bag wasn’t it. (ugly and weird. No!) We long time fans are rooting for you. But give us something to adore and our money will be yours! Otherwise Gucci, Dior and Chanel are wooing us away.

I’m really excited we get to be among the first to break the news of the new Prada Shoulder Straps. Though both of the above bags offer optional shoulder straps in matching Saffiano leather, the brand now offers a way to customize your bag and show your personality with a shoulder strap that speaks to you and stands apart from the rest of the bag.

I’ve seen many add-on shoulder straps over the past few years and I can tell you that these Prada straps are some of the most beautiful in appearance and quality I’ve seen. I loved dressing up each bag differently with a strap, and each one transformed the bag. While a strap with oversized leather floral appliqués feels playful, the strap with Swarovski crystal embellishments makes an eye-catching statement. The new collection of shoulder straps allows you to instantly add a personal touch to your miu miu replica bag.

The straps are sold separately and come in Calfskin, Saffiano, and Nastro leather with all featuring floral patterns with a 3D effect designed from crystals, plexiglass, resin or leather. The straps are now exclusively available at the Prada Broadway and Prada 5th Avenue boutiques in New York and will be available online by the end of the month.

For further inquires, don’t hesitate to email Prada client service at Visit the Prada e-Boutique to shop for all Prada bags online.

2016 Newest Prada Galleria Bag and Double Bag and New Shoulder Straps (part 1)

When it comes to the most iconic bag brands, Prada is easily one of the most recognizable and most widely loved. Prada replica handbags launched me into my love of designer bags; I lusted after a one of the brand’s iconic Tessuto nylon messenger bags during much of high school, and I received it was a gift when I began college. I remember feeling so enamored of my Prada bag, and even at that young age, I could tell how much higher quality it was from other brands in my collection at the time. Prada is distinguished by meticulous attention to craftsmanship and detail, and that’s still very much the case today.I have a Galleria and its my favorite bag. Extremely functional, sturdy, always looks new. I have a medium size and plan on getting a large. My only “complaint” is i’d like to see more variations of in color combinations. Follow the two tone bag and do contrasting lining.

Prada-Double-Bag-4 Prada-Double-Bag-5

Look, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but you’re not following the FTC protocol for sponsored posts. The FTC – Federal Trade Commission requires that any proof of sponsorship be CLEAR AND CONSPICUOUS, hence not putting the ‘sponsored post’ label in tiny font and hiding it at the end of the article. This is how it displays on the mobile site. Definitely not conspicuous. Prada has a lot of manufacturing defects. The double bag I got earlier this year fell apart after two weeks of very very careful use. The Prada store admitted they’ve been having problems with many customers. Shame because this would have been my perfect office bag.

Though Prada has evolved over time by embracing new techniques and ideas, the brand stays committed to the enduring quality of its pieces. Like many long-standing brands, the methods cheap replica handbags Prada employs have been passed down by craftsmen over the course of years, and they’re so vital and specific to the brand that they could easily be called trade secrets. Just like those crucial rules of craftsmanship, some of the brand’s designs are equally long-standing; two of the most highly sought-after Prada pieces remain the Prada Galleria and Prada Double Bags.

The Galleria and Double are classic Prada styles, and they’re very well-loved by the brand’s fans and shoppers. I certainly count myself among that group; if I had it my way, I’d own a rainbow of these bags in every size offered.

Below, we have an intimate look at two of the most iconic bags of Prada’s lineup. In addition to that, I have the pleasure of being among the first to tell you all about the new Prada shoulder straps!

Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada (Miuccia Prada’s grandfather) in Milan, Prada opened its first store in the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The Prada Galleria Bag was named after the store that started it all, and the bag holds a similarly foundational spot in the brand’s handbag array.

I love Blog but these “sponsored posts” are starting to be pretty nauseating. I’d love to see more genuine reviews, and real posts about new product lines — things that don’t have a marketing ploy behind them and don’t involve simply showing off bags they received for free. Prada and miu miu replica handbags  especially seems pretty desperate about “sponsoring” posts on here, which isn’t surprising considering all the negative things floating around about the quality of their bags lately. And please, people, don’t tear into me about this. The pictures are beautiful and I’m not trying to bash anyone on a personal level, just expressing my opinion…

This bag is immediately recognizable as Prada, and although some people confuse it with the Prada Double Bag, it has been around far longer. The Galleria shape is clean and sleek, typically using Saffiano leather, which is hot pressed to achieve the crosshatch texture you see and feel. Because of the longevity of Saffiano leather, Prada has used this water-repellant, scratch-resistant material for decades, and the finish style is often associated with Prada because the brand’s artisans perfected it. While the bags we photographed (as well as many of the Galleria bags on the market) are made of Saffiano leather, there is also City Calf version, which is luscious and slightly softer, which gives this bag a more laid-back vibe.

The Galleria bag holds its shape nicely and is ideal daily use, including in the office. The shape quickly turned into a brand essential for Prada, and many flock to it because of its highly functional interior structure: one large opening, flanked by two zipper-closed pockets at the front and back, all of which run the full length of the bag. The main interior compartment features three inside pockets, one with a zipper, and the body of the miu miu outlet bag can be snapped on either side to pinch the top of the bag together to further secure the interior.

Miu Miu’s Abatement For 2016 Attack Amanda Seyfried Channels With British Aristocrat

Miu Miu Outlet has a history of selecting muses appropriate on the bend of aloft distinction (think Elle Fanning and Imogen Poots), but for its abatement 2016 campaign, the Prada affinity casting called a absolute Hollywood doyenne: Amanda Seyfried.

Miu Miu's Abatement For 2016 Attack Amanda Seyfried Channels With British Aristocrat
Miu Miu’s Abatement For 2016 Attack Amanda Seyfried Channels With British Aristocrat

In the advance attempt above, the Mamma Mia! and Les Misérables extra poses for a beauteous annual in an off-the-shoulder white dress and a patchwork-adorned, alternation band miu miu backpack photographed by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Katie Grand. “Amanda Seyfried leads an ambiguous casting of characters through a weekend of antic reverie,” reads a explanation on Miu Miu’s Instagram account, which aswell appearance accession attempt of the brilliant assuming aloft a bed.


So who absolutely makes up the cast? In accession to Seyfried, top models like Alexander Wang-favorite Anna Ewers and Victoria’s Secret newcomer Taylor Hill aswell affectation about the area of Houghton Hall in Norfolk, England. Each adorableness aswell sports a alternative of “tweed, argyle sweaters, billowing frilled collars, and fair slippers,” that, according to the brand, represent a countryside heritage.

Anna Ewers and Taylor Hill photographed for Miu Miu’s Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign. Styled by Katie Grand. Styling: Katie Grand Art Direction: Giovanni Bianco Hair: Anthony The new Miu Miu girl’s day blurs into night as one long, colourful break unfolds and a bold of apparatus and role-play emerges. Found Narratives: in this amphitheater of the imagination, the Miu Miu babe is airy but not careless. Social and cultural capacity are abandoned.