Cute Replica Miu Miu Purses Available Exclusively at Fashion’s Night Out

Doesn’t it seem weird that in all the hoopla leading up to Fashon’s Night Out every year, hardly anyone talks about what FNO was meant to inspire all along? We’re talking about shopping, buying stuff, spending money. Yes, Fashion’s Night Out was conceived by Anna Wintour in 2009 as a way to get shoppers to help jump-start the economy and help out retail by buying clothing, shoes, and accessories at full price. While it’s fun for stores and brands to spend thousands and thousands of dollars hiring entertainment, planning events, and stockpiling celebrities to keep visitors entertained for the evening, we’re not sure how much shopping actually gets done at FNO.

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Anyway, here are some accessories from fake Miu Miu that are so to-die-for cute and available exclusively during Fashion’s Night Out at the brand’s standalone boutiques in Milan, New York, Los Angeles, and London—they’re tiny purses made in the image of the luxury company’s iconic replica miu miu handbags. Check out the three other adorable styles after the jump.

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